Welcome to Rebootle...
Rebootle is a small family based business out of Forest Grove Oregon. Started in 2010, Rebootle reclaims wine bottles from Oregon’s Wine Country and turns them into fine glassware, jewelry, and objects of art.

Ashleigh Bowman, Founder, President & CEO, has a masters degree in Special education, and has worked in business and media production before deciding upon education as a means of instilling passion in young minds. Born in Palo Alto and raised in Indian Wells, Ashleigh has lived up and down the west coast, where her love for the outdoors transformed into a passion for stewardship of the earth. After she settled in Forest Grove, Oregon, with her husband and 2 young daughters, Ashleigh became interested in how the local wine industries handled their “by-product” waste.
"After some research I realized the Oregon Wine Industry
was in need of a responsible waste management program
that could transport and repurpose glass in a environmentally
responsible fasion."
Rebootle's goal is to provide Oregon wineries with a sanitation program for the purpose of rebottling. And create products that inspire others to "reuse, reclaim, recycle".